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Welcome to My name is Hans-Erik Petermann. I am a Master Guardian of the Piper knife system. My intention in creating this website on Piper specifically and self defense generally is twofold:

  • To further increase the awareness of martial artists worldwide with regards to the Piper system, as structured by Piper creator Nigel February.
  • To help “normal” people learn how to defend themselves without becoming long-term dedicated martial arts students.

I have been a martial arts student for 40 years, have traveled all over the world, both studying and teaching martial arts, self defence and bodywork and have had the privilege of meeting some amazing teachers and seeing some superb martial arts systems. As far as the use of the knife in combat is concerned, I have never seen anything that struck me as quite as nasty and vicious as Piper, a distinctly South African edged weapons and blade usage system.

Now nasty and vicious are not usually the qualities I would be looking for in people, pets or restaurant food, but when it comes to survival in the crime-ridden streets of my beloved Cape Town, nasty and vicious is exactly what I am looking for.

This website has an “articles” section, to which I will contribute new articles on various topics such as knife fighting, combatives, self-defense and warrior training and philosophy, as time and inspiration may allow me. The purpose of this site is to be an information resource. With that in mind, I will in due course be offering e books and DVDs. I hope that what you will read about and learn here will help you make your world a safer and more peaceful place for yourself and those you love!


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